I am a denizen of the greater Washington, DC metropolitan area. Though I live in MD, I have the priviledge of participating in an event called Artomatic – organized and produced by

Anyway, the 2017 even starts this coming Friday (March 24th) and is being held at 1800 Bell St in Arlington, VA (Floors 3-9). The area is also known as Crystal City and there is a Marriott right next door. There is a lot of free parking in the area that has easy underground access to 1800 Bell St.

What is Artomatic? It is an event that allows artists from the surrounding areas to showcase their work (I am showing large format ink jet prints) – whether 2D, photo-based imagery like my stuff or any other creative art including oil painting, water colors, sketches, sculpture, photography, music and some performance art. The last one I visited in December of 2016 was quite amazing and very much worth the effort to attend. The mix of art (and crafts) was staggering and the quality superb!!!

The artists have been setting up over the last couple of weeks and you will find my installation and some of the work I am showing in the photos that follow. If you are local, I hope to see you there. I am on the eighth floor.


I am showing three different groupings of my work. The largest prints have been done very recently. They are fairly obvious in the pictures of the installation and are somewhat self explanatory. The four images of “Discarded Faces” (a family of about 40) have been done over the years starting in the mid nineties, with the last one of that series completed about 2008. Then there are two small prints of a series I call my “Geometric Abstracts”. These were done from about 2004 to 2010.


Leaf Faceleafface_blog

Face in a FrameFaceInAFrame

Rotary Face


Rusty Disk ManRustyDiskMan

Geometric FurnaceGeometricFurnace

Primal GeometryPrimal Geometry

Images are copyrighted by the artist:  Bill Deuster ©1998-2017. All rights reserved. All the images are available as archival ink jet prints produced on a 12 color, pigment-based Canon Image ProGraf 4000 printer. Inquiries and comments are welcome. Images may not be printed (you must purchase a print), but may be enjoyed for personal use only. Please tell your friends!!  🙂

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