Lava rock inspiration

Back in September, I spent a few days in Iceland, a must visit destination for a variety of reasons. Though I shot a fair number of landscape photographs, I also had my eye out for unusal details that might inspire an art piece or two, three….

The two images that follow are based, respectively, on detail shots of a large lava rock formation and an area of lava pebbles of varying shapes and sizes.

The first piece – “Lava Rock Abstract” – exists as a 40″ x 30″ giclee 12 color fine art print. The dark details of the various formations are endless as is the inspiration they provide. I hope you enjoy this exercise in natural elements providing the basis for abstract art.



The second piece – “Lava Pebbles Mosaic” is a 12 color giclee fine art print that measures 32″ x 42″. It has as its essence a bed of random lava, pumice pebbles (try and say that five times rapidly, LOL). These are quite common in Icleand, but when you get down close to them they are beautiful and full of personality.


©2016 by Bill Deuster. Please enjoy these images for your personal use only. Thanks so much for looking – drop me a line if you have a comment or question.

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