Winter’s Hibernation



Winter is the hibernation of life energy;
A period of latent consciousness
Carefully burrowed from the cold…,
Dreaming, perhaps, of its re-awakening.

Winter is a time of striking graphics –
Black, white and muted color palettes –
Wide stretches of grayness enhanced
With white flakes and glossy coats.

Winter is unpredictable, slow and cold –
Challenging those who engage it
With humbling circumstances and
Life-defeating conditions.

Winter confronts both the mind and body
Forcing the spirit to adapt and learn.
Winter’s cold is shocking, sobering,
And surmounted only by Spring’s Sun.


With the the days growing shorter, the shadows longer and colder temperatures once again upon us, I have been feeling like winter is ready to pounce. As I prefer a more temperate climate, winter often makes me reflect on its challenges and the opportunities it affords. Before I know it, though, Spring will announce its arrival and I will once again enjoy its warmth. Don’t be bashful – share your thoughts on winter, the seasons, sunshine – any of the natural elements that can affect your mood or influence your ponderings.

©2016 by Bill Deuster. Contents of the blog are for personal use only – I hope you enjoy what you read here!

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