Simple Pleasures

Sometimes the simplest moments can provide the deepest satisfaction – the subtlest details, the greatest pleasure and joy. I know that it can entirely depend on the mood, state of mind, at the time; but I ponder over how much our modern life gets in the way of simple joy. The image/poem that you find below describes such a moment – the image taken and the poem written about two years ago on an early December evening.


The poem itself –

It is calm, cool and peaceful
As the sun stoops
Below the fiery horizon.

Deepening dark blue skies
Expand as the light
Subsides to night.

A young branch grips
The few remaining
Leaves turned vibrant red.

Each leaf is curled inward
By desicant forces,
Drawing leaf shoulders into a cone.

A soft breath
Of rustling wind
Creates gentle motion.

Sounds of leaves remaining
Scratch across the path
Against the rolling rush of water.

As the day draws to a close,
Soothing sights and sounds
Exude serenity and joy.


Thanks for taking the time to look and don’t be a stranger! Feedback and discussion is always welcome.  ©2016 by Bill Deuster. May be used for personal enjoyment.

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