The “virtual” life series


I am guessing I am not alone, but cannot find a comfort level with the idea of our lives becoming more and more a part of a virtual existence. I am not going to debate the pros and cons of the technology – my professional world would be far more limited without the digital revolution – but I don’t want to cede technology more power than it seems to demand from us either.

The two pieces above are part of a series based on the idea of a digital existence. I will let them speak for themselves. If you have a question or want to experience more, please let me know. Thanks for looking!! The text of the two pieces can be found below:

I Have Been Virtualized

I flicker
and roll
with static
like scattered
bands of
on my

I am neither
the absence
of color;
being nor
non being.

I have been virtualized.


Nothingness Cubed

Modern life
is lived as
a digital pixel
streaming through
glass fiber.

It is
X_es and O_es
to be consciousness.

Reality falls
into a
virtual trap;
an abyss
infinitely deep.

No joy or sadness,
no pain or pleasure,
no connection or separation –
nothingness cubed.

All copy and imagery is copyrighted by the author but may be enjoyed for personal use only.

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