Shaper of Beauty

Poetry composed for and placed over a photograph of a natural scene, tree backlit by sunshine.

Though I have been a photographer all my adult life, I have always from a young age written for my own pleasure. I find that composing poetry in conjunction with a particular image is a way of bringing all my creative sensibilities together. I enjoy the process and the challenges it presents – it feeds my soul.

What you see above is a digital rendering of a 16″ x 22″ fine art print. It is from a body of work that contemplates our spiritual nature using words embedded in natural imagery captured from the world around us.

I hope you find value in the work that I present here. I appreciate the thoughts and opinions of others, so I hope you will touch base if you have a comment or observation. Thanks for looking!!


All copy and imagery is copyrighted by the author but may be enjoyed for personal use only.

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