Aged Wood Is Nature’s Art

I must admit that I have a decided tilt towards trees in general, even the remnants that fall to the ground as time and the forces of nature stress their limbs. Because of this affinity, when I walk, I often find items that turn my head and draw my eye. The following photographs were all done in early 2012 on a long, cold and windy Saturday afternoon. I had stumbled on their existence a few days prior during a walk along some railroad tracks canopied by pines.

These shots were staged and shot in my studio using a Canon 5DII at ASA 50, an EF100 f2.8IS Macro and a some LED lights from Coolights. I dont usually have a specific goal when I begin the process of playfully creating a still life for the pleasure of doing so – that is, other than rewarding my own eye when I think I am finished.

FYI, the colors are pretty close to the actual colors. I had thought about doing a cross-tint (warmer highlights and quarter tones and cooler three quarter tones and shadows), but decided to leave their natural tones intact. I hope you like them.



WeatheredWood_StillLife_MG_9226Please do not copy or alter these images in any way. ©2013 by Bill Deuster. All rights reserved.

2 thoughts on “Aged Wood Is Nature’s Art

  1. Hi Veena, thanks so much for your comment!! One of the spectacular accidents of time is the beauty that can be created when so many naturally occurring objects age with such grace.

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