Sachtler Tripod DA75L spreader adjustment

I got an email today (Thanks Benji) that asked if I might describe the process of how to remove and reattach the spreader on the Sachtler DA75L tripod (that comes bundled with the FSB8 fluid head).

I will attempt to do so with a little help of close-up pics of the spreader parts that allow you to remove/adjust the spreader form the way it is assembled when you receive it new from Sachtler. First lets look at the “line art” that Sachtler includes with the product –

This is what I looked at when I got my set up. A bit “sketchy” in terms of pertinent information if you ask me. But there are hints as to how to begin to make adjustments. (BTW, the tripod doesnt actually look exactly like this, so bear with me.

First lets look at the screw that you need to loosen (to the point where it can be removed, but dont completely remove it). And DO NOT remove all the hardware/screws that the left hand drawing suggests that you remove. That makes working with the spreader very difficult and sets you up for a potential loss of those parts.

Once you have completely loosened the screw, turn your attention to the opposite side of the spreader to tripod leg connecter (front of the connecter/leg) –

As seen in the above photo and the right hand illustration in the first picture, you have two holes on the face of the plastic spreader to leg connector. By pressing into this hole, you can pull apart the connecter to release it completely from the leg. See how, in the picture below, that the connecter begins to separate when you push a tooth pic (or something a little stronger) into the hole.

Once you have it separated you can remove that portion of the spreader from its leg. Obviously, if you want to remove the entire spreader, you must do all three legs. Reattaching the spreader requires one to reverse the process until it is reattached (one exception is that you simply snap the plastic connector back together by lining up the two channels and stops – you dont need to press into the holes to do this). Once you have the connecter re-connected, you insert and tighten the screw that you originally loosened to begin the process.

I hope this is helpful to those who might be as confused as I was when I originally opened the package and realized that my new tripod would not go much lower than 40 inches from the ground.

As a reminder, here is a full length image of the Sachtler DA75L tripod and FSB8 fluid head. This may help you put some of this into perspective. Please note that when the tripod arrives from Sachtler, the spreader is securely attached to the bottom of the top/first/main leg section. That would mean that the legs could not spread nearly as wide as in the photo below, nor could they move up the leg at all. By moving the spreader form the bottom end of the top leg section, the spreader connecters are free to move up and/or down the main tripod leg sections the way they can in the photo below.

Your comments/questions are welcome!

All images and copy ©2010 by Bill Deuster. All rights reserved.

9 thoughts on “Sachtler Tripod DA75L spreader adjustment

  1. Is it possible to totally remove the spreader so that you can lower the tripod very low to the ground? If so, are there any drawbacks to doing this?

  2. So I suppose the Tripod becomes less stable without the spreader? If so, is it significantly less stable? (I think that’s my last question! thanks for your patience)

    • Overall, you are correct. The exception(s) would be when you can secure the tripod with its spikes into the ground or (less likely) when you can get good grip with the rubber feet on a surface like finished concrete. While the later is theoretically possible, I havnt found a circumstance that worked. I like the spreader on all the time.

      Not to make your decision more difficult, but the tripod has limitations – then again – so do all my still photo tripods. Tripods are both a pain and a necessity. 🙂

      I do understand the need to spend the budget wisely. I just hope our conversation helps.

      • Our conversation has helped, yes. Yes, it’s hard to get the tripod that’ll be all things, huh? I wanted something relatively light, very smooth fluid head, and that could get low to the ground (don’t care that much about how high it goes)–and I wanted it for a dslr like the gh1 for video work. I was looking into getting the fsb-4 (or even fsb-2?). But thanks for your feedback and time. I’ll consider what you’ve said.

  3. looking at the last picture in the post, the spreader has a plastic connector thing in the middle that connects all the three spreaders. Do you know what that thing is called. My broke and it doesn’t hold my tripod anymore.

    • Hi harikjr,

      I looked at the written materials that came with the tripod and I cannot find a part number for that center connector on the spreader. I wish I could be of some help on this, but my best guess is to contact the dealer where you purchased it or Sachtler directly to see if a part # can be found/purchased. Good luck!

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